Where We Dream gives students from immigrant backgrounds information about what colleges would be best for them and gives them a chance to learn from other students who have faced the same challenges.

Who We Are

We are students who want to continue our studies. Many of us were born outside the United States but have lived most of our lives here. We've worked hard, made good grades and been active in our communities. But now many of us have no access to federal financial aid and are forced to pay higher out-of-state tuition. Under those circumstances, going to college can often seem impossible.

Even for those of us who were born here, figuring out college applications, financial aid and scholarships is tough if your parents don't already know the process. Because many of these issues are unique to us, even teachers and guidance counselors don't always have the best advice.

Code the Dream states that:

"young people from minority and immigrant backgrounds have great ideas and will play a huge part in our 21st century economy. Already immigrants are more than twice as likely to start their own business, and those businesses create over 25% of new jobs."

What if more people with that drive could afford college? Can you imagine how their lives would change? Together we can make it happen.

Many people have wanted this site for a long time; a place full of resources and a supporting community, a place where students learn about the best colleges for them—schools that go out of their way to help immigrant students succeed. It's finally here. This is our site. This is Where We Dream.

Our Team

Battleship 1

Jose Enamorado

Manage on collecting and uploading data from colleges in regards to financing options for undocumented and DACA students; most often considered international applicants.

Cruz in heat

Cruz Nunez

Hi. I built this site. Currently improving the visual design. Updates coming soon.


Jazmin Mendoza Sosa

Hey, I am senior at Meredith College. I manage the information about Meredith College as well as general information about scholarships and schools. I am here to serve as a resource.