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Updated almost 5 years ago

The reason to for making this site and info on other sites like this.

I made this site because

  1. I'm undocumented
  2. It's difficult to find scholarships for undocumented students
  3. I learned how to make websites
  4. I want to help other people

I made this site but I haven't been updating it frequently, I do a general update of the scholarships already here every few months but I don't spend much time on making sure it's great content or that all the scholarships that undocumented students could win are listed on this site.

Students might honestly try this site but find that the information is outdated, missing, or inadequate. They want to find the funds to go to school. If they don't find something that can help them, but happen to find this post, then they should visit this link below.

Best Scholarship Search Platforms

Above is the link for the 20 best scholarship searching platforms on the web. The list was put together by I'm sure that not all the scholarships on the websites can be won by undocumented students, but they will have far more scholarships for you to search through. Maybe you'll win one there.

Also, managing money is a very important skill to have and practice, please consider looking at this page:

Guide to Credit

Actually, the reason I'm posting any of this is because some lady has been sending me emails and won't leave me alone until i post these links so here they are smh. Bitch never did anything for me so why should I help her? First she tells me to post the scholarship link, and then she says to post that credit link. Never once did anything for me. Greedy hoe

Good luck fam.

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